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    Here you are going to find all the Custom Made and Special products made by Sabbadius.

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    Sabbadius Standard Products

    Dedicated to making all hand wired effects pedals for musical instruments, Nicolás Sabbadin, in Córdoba, Argentina builds tailor-made effect pedals. Using high cost selected quality materials, these effects pedals provide superior sound and durability.
    Born in Córdoba Argentina on August 16, 1981. Nicolás Sabbadin began his career in music as his professional hobby, at the age of fourteen. He is a great admirer of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan and would say that they are the two artists that greatly inspired him in music and also in recreating the vintage sounds in his effects pedals.

    Nicolás was raised with the help of Carlos Fonseca and by his grandmother and this is when everything came together. Carlos was already building, assembling and repairing tube and transistor radios and he was always teaching and showing Nicolás the assembly of the product and the use of every electrical component.
    With the knowledge he was tough his friends insisting he should get educated in electronics. He explained that he wanted to build guitar effect pedals and that there was a demand in the market for this.

    He started buying beginner books on electronics to learn about resistors, capacitors, transistors, and integrated circuits... to began building simple circuits. By simple he means, that the circuit was not very big and consisted of only a few electrical components.
    Wanting to see if he could reverse engineer and “clone” a standard fuzz pedal, he borrowed one from a friend. The results were very good then he started investigating the circuit more and changed different components like transistor, capacitor types, resistor values etc.
    He was constructing effect pedals for sale in 2002 and in 2004 took a yearlong course in advanced electronics and obtained the permissions to make effect pedals under the registered trademark of SABBADIUS.

    The SABBADIUS trademark was inspired by his mother, Adriana Kogan, who combined the surname “Sabbadin” with “Stradivarius” to gave quality to the name and products thus the brand SABBADIUS was born!
    After a few years passed, gaining more wisdom and testing lots of audio electronics he started making improvements to his products regarding the aesthetics and by adding Hi-Fi audio components.

    "The effect pedal does not make the musician sound good, Is the musician who has to make the effect sound good.”
    Nicolás Sabbadin.