Funk-astic Compressor Booster

Analog Compressor with Booster

The Funk-astic Compressor Booster from Sabbadius Electronics is inspired in the Ross compressor  and the DYNA Comp. Thus merging two of the best known compressors and used by musicians like David Gilmour. They took the highlight of these 2 incredible compressors and put them in a single enclosure, as well as adding a Booster in their circuit to have a more saturated and dynamic compression that can be controlled with the Sustain and Output knobs.

Its controls are 3:

* OUTPUT. (amount of Volume)

* SUSTAIN. (Amount of Sustain and Compression, at the same time this control controls the amount of BOOST using the pedal in BOOSTER mode)

* ATTACK: (BOOSTER Control and String Attack Control in COMPRESSOR mode)

- Authentic True-Bypass Mechanical

- Less noise

- New Gray Color

- Chicken Head Knobs

- 2 effects in one! (Compressor sustainer and Booster)

* In BOOSTER mode you will be able to obtain a compressed sound with sharp notes as if you were saturating the tubes of a class "A" amplifier and thus obtain those harmonics characteristic of a saturated tube amp, ideal for pushing guitar solos, combining with overdrive pedals or just use the booster to add dynamism to the sound.