Black Distortion MOSFET

Analog Distortion with MOSFET Clipping transistors.

The Black Distortion MOSFET is a fully analog distortion pedal with 100% TrueBypass mechanical switch (3PDT), designed to be used with, GUITAR, BASS guitar, KEYBOARD, ETC.

Its commands are 3 of which consist of:

Volume: Controls the output volume.

Tone: It is the tone control.

Drive: Controls the amount of overdrive (distortion) that goes from a Booster to an Overdrive to a Distortion and a final Distortion similar to a Fuzz.


The N-Chanel Mosfet type transistor used in the SABBADIUS Black Distortion MOSFET is a transistor that in this case is being used to “Clipping” section of the Distortion by getting into play 2 of these transistors that gives to the effect a very wide sustain. a richness in harmonics and a very “juicy” distorted sound. Is a SUPER Dynamic Distortion Pedal.

The SABBADIUS Black Distortion MOSFET was designed so that in a single Distortion pedal you have a variety of distortions that go from Boosters, Overdrives, Distortions to an effect similar to a Fuzz, this can be achieved in different positions with the “DRIVE” potentiometer.

With its tone control (TONE) you can cut the treble by rotating the potentiometer counterclockwise and give way to the BASS and vice versa. Its TONE control works more like a cutter for high or low frequencies.

POWER SUPPLY: The SABBADIUS Black Distortion MOSFET can be powered by a 9 Volt battery. To enter its compartment you must remove the two screws located on each side of the cabinet to remove the base and house the battery behind the footswitch lying on its side and the battery so that it enters the space. It can also be powered with a REGULATED and STABILIZED DC 9 Volt 100mA power supply. With CENTER NEGATIVE polarity of 2.1mm the inner pin.