Funkastic Compressor Booster

Funkastic Compressor Booster 2 effects in 1

The Funkastic Compressor Booster from Sabbadius Electronics is inspired in the Ross Compressor and the DYNA Comp. Fusing two of the best known compressors and used by musicians like David Gilmour.

The most outstanding of these 2 incredible compressors was taken and placed in a single cabinet, thus also adding a Booster in its circuit to have a more saturated and dynamic compression that can be controlled with the Sustain and Output knob.

Its controls are 4:


* OUTPUT. (Volume amount)


* SUSTAIN. (Amount of Sustain and compression, at the same time this control controls the amount of BOOST using the pedal in BOOSTER mode)


* ATTACK: (Control of the BOOSTER and Control of Attack to the strings in COMPRESSOR mode)


* BIAS Trimmer: Inside the pedal in the circuit you have a trimpot that aloud you to calibrate the compression of the pedal if you use a high gain guitar with humbuckers pickups, you have to turn this trimmer to the side that you will note that the note you play in the six string and 1st string don´t dissapear and the sustain still there. (Please contact me if you have doubt regarding this control)

* DO NOT touch if is not necessary.



3PDT True-Bypass Footswitch - Less Noise - New Gray Color - Chicken Head Knobs - 2 effects in one! (Compressor sustainer and Booster)


* In BOOSTER mode you will obtain a compressed sound with Glassy notes as if you were saturating the vacuum Tubes of a class "A" amplifier and thus obtain those harmonics characteristic of a saturated tube Amp, ideal for pushing up guitar solos , combine with overdrive pedals or use only the booster to give dynamism to the sound. The Funkastic Compressor Booster is the OUTSTANDING Compressor TODAY!